Basic Developer Etiquette

Mar 30th 2015

Basic Developer Etiquette

This document outlines the basic etiquette we expect all of our developers to follow:

  1. Perfection – We know you’re not perfect! We expect mistakes. But we expect you (and us) to learn from those mistakes to help us all be more successful with each new Task.
  2. Communicate – You need to send a message to your supervisor every day when you begin work. Not doing so will be viewed as showing up late for work.
  3. Version Control – Regardless of whether or not you’re finished with a project you are expected to Commit any code you work on to it’s respective Project, associated with our company account, on BitBucket or Github on a daily basis. Learn how to use Git »
  4. Track Your Time, In Detail – We expect you to record your time in HubStaff (ask your supervisor if you haven’t received access to this yet) or you will not be paid for your time.
  5. Bill Fairly – We expect that you only bill us for your time to research something or provide an estimate if you provide us a working solution to the issues / projects. If you spend time researching a solution or providing an estimate but don’t provide a solution then we can’t bill our customers for the time so we don’t believe it’s right for you to bill us.
  6. Rely on Your Supervisor – Your supervisor is there to support you and should be relied on for technical advice and guidance.
  7. Estimate Your Work – You should provide a time estimate for every task you work on unless a supervisor tells you otherwise.
  8. Accurate, Not Perfect – Your estimates should be within a 15% margin of error.
  9. Communicate Delays – If you’re stuck on something, or things are just taking longer than expected: it’s okay! Just tell your supervisor ASAP with an updated ETA and an explanation of why there’s a delay. Then continue working.

Coding Practices

Often times developers are working on custom WordPress Plugins and Themes. The notes below explain some of the protocol you must follow in order for your code to be acceptable.

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