Pay Per Click Marketing Management

Paid Search Ads, Social Media Ads, Remarketing and Native Advertising

The most measurable direct response marketing on the planet, managed by maniacal ROI-focused AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook experts. Thoughtful strategies, custom campaigns and goal-focused efforts.

We manage accounts big and small, across many industries, with many different goals and key performance indicators. That breadth of experience lends us the understanding that there is no “one-size-fits-all” method for managing a digital advertising platform, which is why you won’t ever see a single boilerplate or template in any of our strategic procedures.

Easily Scalable Campaigns

Our campaigns are built on a robust foundation that is easily scalable. We start by proving the ROI of our efforts and push to grow the account with new targeting, campaign types and unexplored segments within Google Ads. After we’ve reached our target CPA or revenue and no longer want to lose efficiency, we expand to other platforms, testing our campaign structure on Bing Ads or Facebook Ads to see if we can maintain the trend of positive ROI while reaching new customers and markets.

The Revenue and CPA over time for a large eCommerce store that we’ve been working with over the last few years is shown below.  

Google Analytics Tracking

We are obsessed with establishing key-performance-indicators (KPIs) and tracking them through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. Our implementation and tracking setup ensures you know exactly how many leads or how much revenue every traffic source to your website is generating. Whatever it is, if you want more of it and it’s important to your business, we’re going to track it and see how we can increase it with our campaigns.

Higher ROI

We accept the challenge that every account provides, and we’ve never failed to deliver better results month-over-month than a previous agency or the client’s own campaigns. We get it right, and if we don’t, we’re agile enough to pivot, correct our mistakes and come out better than before.

The Proof Is In The Profit

Paid advertising is a simple concept but can be a complicated reality for businesses. Fortunately, our team is well versed in navigating the PPC landscape. Time after time we have proven to our clients the value of our expertise. No matter the industry, we can construct a solid strategy to strengthen your business and generate revenue. We’ve cut CPA in half and doubled conversions for a large, well known SAAS company.