Landing Page Optimization

Turning Touchpoints Into Leads

Landing page optimization (LPO) is about focusing analysis, design and creativity towards producing conversion actions on a single page. Your homepage acts like a brochure, while dedicated landing pages are your best closer. They serve a singular goal and they’re purpose-built for your marketing campaigns.

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Why Landing Page Optimization?

High-converting landing pages gives you two things:

Marketing Performance

Customer Insight

Your pages should not only drive performance for your campaigns, they should teach you something about your customers that you can apply to your other marketing efforts.

More Sales
Lower Cost-Per-Acquistion
Increased Average Order Value

Shortened Sales Funnel
More Insight Into What
Your Customers Truly Want

Better Quality Scores

What High-Converting Pages Do

We do it through our focus on identifying the major growth areas for a website, and then working closely with our clients to ensure recommendations are put to use and changes are made.

Increase In conversion rate

“Free” is the best offer.

This landing page reinforced that potentially life-changing information was available at no cost – driving a large uptick in conversions for this non-profit.

Increase In conversion rate

Give visitors what they want as efficiently as possible.

We gave desktop researchers a longer format to compare features and learn more about this company’s offerings. For searchers on-the-go, we gave them an efficient mobile format so they could book an appointment or call a store ASAP

Increase In conversion rate

Visual design matters – even for complex B2B purchases.

For technical searchers looking for specific products, we didn’t try to “woo” them with long-form sales copy. We positioned the strength of the brand through creative, and went feature-forward with our copy – knowing that potential buyers wanted more info about the products, not a sales pitch.

Our Approach

1. Customer Research

High-converting landing pages require 1) knowledge about what your customers want and 2) an offer that satisfies those wants. It sounds basic, but your offer is the factor that most influences success or failure. We want to know what your offer means to your customers.

2. Positioning Your Value

Why is what you’re offering valuable? Why is that worth handing over money or personal information? We craft conversion-focused copy to position your value to the market as strongly as possible.

3. Designing For Conversions

For $13, you can get a landing page template that over 2,000 people are already using, but it’s probably not going to speak to your customer base or instill trust in your brand. Your landing page mercenaries should wear the same “uniform” (branding) as your core website, but their design needs to reinforce your value proposition, maximize your messaging and focus on generating conversions.

4. Test, Measure, Improve

A landing page is never “finished.” Landing pages are a constant work in progress. Page variations allow us to test page elements to find what truly clicks with customers. Informed incremental tests lead to massive improvement over time.position your value to the market as strongly as possible.

Major Marketing Integrations

At Iterate, we host your pages and integrate them with all major content management systems and marketing automation platforms, so there’s no need for complicated web development work or problems with tracking performance.

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