5 Easy Tips on Styling your Typography

Sep 03rd 2015

5 Easy Tips on Styling your Typography

Lend weight to your words with these 5 simple tips.

Yes, your words are important.

Yes, we also want people to actually read them.

But how?

You can design your words and letters for a bigger impact by using the right fonts, styles, and laying them out in readable, but interesting way.

It’s important that we also get the right message across, not just through the words we’ve laid out, but also in the way it visually speaks to us. A large bold typeface is definitely trying to tell us something, and it’s akin to shouting, while a thin and delicate typeface is probably speaking the opposite.

Here are a couple of ways to really get your words speaking through your design.

1: Mix Up with a serif and sans-serif typeface for a beautiful contrast.

Its great to use more than one typeface when designing  – just be very careful about using more than two!

Serifs can pair particularly well with a sans-serif for a beautiful, easy to read message, especially when pairing a geometric font with an elegant one.

2: Go big and bold to add a solid punch to your message.

You won’t be able to miss this heading, it likely grabbed your attention from that first cursory scroll!

Large and bold fonts are great for making a powerful message, grabbing attention, and really blasting out a clear message for everyone to see.

3: Place a colored background for your message and reverse the type color.

Create contrast with color! If your background is too noisy or if you’ve got the perfect white space in your background, use a similar color that will contrast nicely against your background.

Remember, you don’t want to hide your background image if it has important elements  you want people to see.

4: Contrast with bold and light styles.

An easy way to use a single typeface with multiple weights. You can easily define what is important or separate two sections by creating a distinct dynamic between the two weights.

5: Kern, adjust line-height, and letterspace your type appropriately.

You should kern and letterspace your type for the best readability, but you can also play around with line-height to contain your text more closely for a tighter and block-like look: Sturdy like a solid foundation.

Don’t forget that different fonts also have different character. You’ll notice that not all fonts are made for the same purpose. Some are more elegant, others more futuristic and geometric. Take some time and find out if your font is working for your message, and if it’s conveying what you want. After all, you want your message to be read the way you want it to be read.


There are many other ways to style your typography, and the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and the most important thing is to have fun in finding new ways to create dynamic and interesting pieces for your audience.

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