Website Design

Design, Develop, and Tune Your Websites into a Digital Marketing Machine

Iterate builds websites from the ground up in a methodical and data-centric fashion. Through the digital voice identity process, Iterate makes sure to connect the SEO bones with the terminology and search phrases being used online.

Building a website has two major purposes; appeal to the human user using words, imagery, and content in order to connect with them as a company or brand, and appeal to the search engine algorithm by providing back and code-level information the way the search engines need it.  

Through researching, compiling, and analyzing search query data, the digital voice sets the standard for creating a website that is effective for both users and search engines. By using the correct keyword specifications in the framework of the website, search engines are able to better understand the content of the website and therefore serve the website in a high result on the search engine result pages. 


Working directly with you, we discover the needs of your business and how your website will be a tool to help achieve those goals. Through our discovery process, we identify both the design that appeals to you and the functional elements necessary.


Our designers craft multiple concepts to use as reference points for the new design and user experience.  Together, we work through these concepts in order to land on a final design that meets both the aesthetic and functional needs set out during the Discovery Phase.


Our team of developers craft the code so it is optimized for search engines as well as beautiful, responsive, and functional. Our developers go the extra mile to ensure the code is search engine friendly and optimized for our search engine bot friends.  It takes extra work and effort to ensure every image has an ALT IMG tag, and we aren’t satisfied unless we are delivering that value to each of our clients. 


Quality Assurance and testing is the last step before we double-check Analytics, set up goals and funnels and launch the new site!  The old URLs will have been redirected and the site will settle in as the new face of your business. 

Here are a few recent sites we’ve built