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Social Ads Cycle

We leverage the wide user base of social media sites such as Facebook to build custom marketing/retargeting lists for your business. By targeting specific demographics, interests, and professions, we can ensure that your ads are being shown to audiences that have already expressed interest in your market.

The Most Highly Targeted Form Of Advertising

Social networks offer the most highly targeted form of advertising today. With the ability to target social media platforms by combinations of criteria like Gender, Geography, Keywords, Job Function, Seniority, Industry, Likes, Education, Interests, Status Updates, Connections, and more – your targeting options are near endless. Layering those options with the right messaging makes for effective niche advertising.

Results are highly dependent on advertiser goals, strategies, and targeting methods. Some eCommerce advertisers use social advertising to show ads to their specific niche, converting them quickly and driving returns that far outpace their performance on paid search. Other advertisers find more success targeting more broadly with hyper-relevant messaging or with engaging content. Most companies view social advertising as a highly targeted variation on display advertising to be used as a supplement to an advanced search engine advertising strategy.

We Build

Our Social PPC services start with an analysis of your target market and where your customers engage on the web. We explore targeting options to find a significant audience pool, then we build platform-specific ads that:

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Ad testing and measurement is crucially important, and can be the difference between a successful ad campaign and a failed ad campaign on social networks. We measure our results, we pivot on targeting methods if necessary, and we find the ROI sweet spot.

We offer social ad management on a variety of networks.
Currently, we manage campaigns: