5 SEO Tips To Prepare For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Nov 18th 2016

5 SEO Tips To Prepare For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The weekend after Thanksgiving in the US is often a record-breaking time for online marketers – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are high-water days for eCommerce sales, and the following weeks see the height of holiday shopping.

This is the time to whip your digital marketing game into shape. It isn’t too late to tackle some Black Friday SEO tasks and grab a bigger share of traffic and sales this year! Follow these 5 SEO tips and watch your revenue climb!

Watch the trends

Run your top product keywords through Google Trends and look for sharp spikes in previous years. They are easy to spot, an will look something like this:


Mark the keywords with the biggest spikes and prioritize them. You should be able to match these terms to specific pages on your site. Since you know there will be additional search volume in the upcoming weeks, you should work now to improve rankings!

Do Some Link Building

Using your list of pages from the last tip, start a focused campaign of link building. Backlinks are the key to higher rankings on the search engine results page, and a higher ranking will get you more traffic and sales. Start some blogger outreach to get links to your product pages from prominent bloggers, and consider promoting your products on well known sales curation sites, like this one, this one, and this one!

Check On Load Times

A lengthy load time is a killer – it drives real users away before they see your content and signals Google to move your page lower in rankings. No one wants to wait for a long page load, so make sure to compress images and disable lengthy scripts. Every second of page load decreases conversion rates by 7%, so this is a case where time is literally money! You can check your page loads under Site Speed in Google Analytics.

Create A Gift Guide

This is a great way to showcase products and build links – create a high value content piece using terms like “Best gifts for 2016, fill it with links to your favorite products. You aren’t done when it launches though, you should spend the next weeks and months promoting this however you can! You can turn this guide into a Slideshare, video, or a series of blog posts, but make sure the original content gets the lions share of promotion.

Don’t Ignore Mobile

Finally, make sure that all your product pages are mobile friendly – the Thanksgiving weekend is huge for travel, so much of your audience are away from their laptops and shopping on their phones as they sit in the airport or train station. Even people in your brick-and-mortar location are looking you up online, so if you want to capitalize on this double interest you should make sure your mobile presence isn’t driving them into the arms of your competitors.


There you go! 5 easy SEO tips to get the most out of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season!

Follow them, and you’ll be thankful you did.

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