Supercharge your B2B Marketing Engine

Nov 18th 2016

Supercharge your B2B Marketing Engine

It’s one thing to know that Content Marketing is important, and could be a huge win for your business.

It’s altogether another thing to know how to pull off a transformative Content Marketing campaign, especially in the B2B space.

Great content marketing strategies help build
brand equity, attract an audience to your site,
and condition customers to trust you –
but there is no easy path.

Content Marketing is the missing piece that you need to reach valuable B2B customers.

It improves your marketing at every step along their journey:

  • Creative content drives awareness of your brand and reaching new users at the beginning of their purchase path
  • Informative content positions your product or service as the solution to their program
  • Sales-enablement content helps nurture your leads through the sales process


The Roadmap To Content Marketing Success

To succeed in content marketing for B2B, you will need to follow 3 clear steps:

Step 1: Understanding Purchaser Needs

Reverse engineer what your buying audience wants – not just in the big-picture, “this-is-how-our-product-will-solve-their-problems” sense, but actually breaking down all the information that will help them on the path to a purchase decision.

Step 2: Building A Funnel For An Ideal Customer Journey

Conversion funnels are more complex than ever before, but you can still plan for the ideal shortest path to a sale as the core of our marketing effort. This allows you to put all the pieces of your marketing efforts together to create a complete picture, or see where there are gaps.

Step 3: Measure, Build Momentum, and Refine

Since content marketing has has taken over so much of what was once called ‘sale’s used to do, it’s more important than ever to precisely track each part of our funnel, across all possible channels so we can calibrate our efforts to the best of our abilities.

Want to learn more about building a comprehensive plan for B2B content marketing? Take a look at our free guide!

It includes:

How to gather customer data and content topics from your sales team, the content you already have, industry publications, and search engines.

How to map purchaser needs to content ideas.

How to build content that works at every stage of your marketing funnel.

How to prioritize content creation to make an impact today!

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