My First Three Months In Search Engine Marketing – Following Up at Nine Months!

Jul 22nd 2016

My First Three Months In Search Engine Marketing – Following Up at Nine Months!

Last October, I started my new career as a search engine marketing strategist and in January I wrote a piece on my first three months here at Iterate. It’s been a few months and I’ve been in my position for a little while, so I thought we could update the story a bit and see how things have shaped up over the last 9 months!


February started out on a great note with my promotion from coordinator to strategist. I had proven myself and my capabilities to my superiors and peers and I had earned my own clients to manage. I began onboarding new business and working directly with clients, no more safety net. With training over, the pressure to succeed intensified, not from external forces but internally. My team was supportive and excited about my new position, I was encouraged to experiment and not be afraid to make mistakes, but in the words of Uncle Ben (Spider-Man, not the rice), “With great power comes great responsibility.” I didn’t take that responsibility lightly.


Breathin heavy


It’s funny, in my previous jobs there was a tone of performance at all costs, whereas now the bottom line is essentially to do good work and do right by the client and the company. That personal feel and accountability is a big source of motivation for me and while fear of reprimand didn’t entice me in my old positions, the disappointment of letting myself or my team down honed my focus here.


A key to individual and company success is finding your niche and exploring how you can develop that into something tangible to benefit the group. My particular set of skills is centered around customer service and in March, with direction from my leadership, I began leading a project involving a vast amount of user experience research to better serve our clients and potential clients. The project took a decent amount of time and a lot of collaboration with my team to put together, but ultimately, I think we assembled something we can all be proud of and I’m excited to see the finished client facing product.


When April came I was onboarding two new clients as well as working on our customer experience project and managing my other accounts. Writing it, it sounds like a lot, but in the moment, it was great. Getting the chance to take on more responsibility and produce results felt so satisfying, like I found what I was supposed to be doing. I’ve just recently started managing the biggest accounts I’ve been entrusted with, I’ve learned new platforms, I’m improving my work, and our office is still as fun as ever (everyone’s Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart ability has increased immensely).




In my first post about starting in a new company, I spoke a lot about environment and attitude and this in this piece I’m doubling down on that. In my time so far, I’ve been trusted and encouraged to deliver quality work and be personally accountable, I was given responsibility and felt personal stakes in representing the people who were willing to take a chance on me. I left the career I knew nine months ago and I’ve developed substantially as a marketer in that short time.

It was and is the best decision I’ve made for my personal well being and I’m excited to see how much more I can grow in my new fulfilling environment!

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