7 Reasons You Should Give Google Adwords Your Money

Jun 16th 2015

7 Reasons You Should Give Google Adwords Your Money

It’s true: Adwords isn’t cheap.

For small and mid-sized businesses, setting aside thousands of dollars each month for Adwords can be too scary of a path to venture down without a Google Certified Partner like myself or another account manager at their side.

Unfortunately, this fear of the unknown causes many small and mid-sized businesses to completely ignore potential customers who are actively searching for what they have to offer. This leaves fatty meat being left on the bone for larger competition to gobble up…it’s not good.

There is some good news though: You don’t have to spend that much to take advantage of Adwords. For example, there are remarketing strategies that we implement here at Iterate that are extremely conservative, allowing us to narrow our focus to snipe past website visitors who didn’t convert on the first visit. These campaigns are extremely cost effective while boosting revenues and leads through the roof.

For any serious business, being competitive online is a must and it’s only getting more competitive.

If you’re not using it already, Google Adwords is a great place to start advertising online. Not only will you learn more about your target market, you will start getting leads right out of the gate.

Here are a few of the main benefits that my clients regularly see when they jump on the Adwords train.


1. You Can Reach The People Who Are Looking For Your Product Or Service… Right Now!

More people use Google Search than any other network and Adwords allows us to show ads to the most relevant customers at the exact time when they’re searching for your product, service or idea.

This is a marketers dream.

Adwords also allows businesses to get to the first page of Google for any relevant keyword. This is something that companies pay thousands of dollars to do organically and Adwords allows for the ability to rank above them, often for less than a dollar.

Great organic rankings matched with Adwords is the best way possible to dominate the search results page and outperform the competition.

2. You Can Learn More About Your Target Market Than Ever Before

Along with providing my clients with high quality leads each month, I’m also giving my clients valuable information about their best customers – the ones that turn into hot leads or buy the most profitable products from their websites.

Adwords provides the data for which visitors are converting into leads, where they’re coming from, what keywords they searched, what time they searched and more.

Imagine how much ad money could be better spent if you knew that 80% of your digital leads came from a specific region or state.

All of the data you glean from AdWords can be turned around to make your other marketing efforts more targeted, data-driven, and successful.


3. You Can Show Custom Ads To Website Visitors Who Didn’t Convert On Their First Visit

The unfortunate truth is that on any given website, only a small percentage of visitors will turn into an actual lead or buy a product on their first visit. The internet doesn’t work like that – it’s designed to show us options!

People are more informed than ever and therefore we like to shop around before giving out valuable information or our credit cards.

Google Adwords allows us to specifically target website visitors that didn’t convert and segment these users accordingly, allowing us to show not only custom ad copy to these returning visitors, but also bid higher and send them to different, more optimized landing pages further into the sales or lead funnel.

You’ve likely seen this before when you found yourself shopping around for a pair of shoes, only to see those shoes being displayed around the web over the next few days in an effort to get you to return to the site to make a purchase.

Adwords Remarketing is likely the most beneficial strategy that Adwords offers, it allows you to focus on a much smaller target market for cheaper, and show ads to people who are already familiar with your brand.


4. You Can Fill Pre-Existing Demand For Your Product, Service or Idea

Google Adwords is great for businesses because it allows you to fill demand for a product, service or idea that already exists.

Adwords allows us to tackle bottom-of-funnel keywords, meaning we are able to find customers at the time when they’re ready to buy or provide their personal information.

These bottom of funnel customers have already done the research, found what they need and are ready to convert. 

Adwords allows you to come in and be the hero – giving the people what they want, when they want it!

5. You Can Reach New Customers For Pennies

Complementary to fulfilling existing demand, Adwords also allows us to drive awareness for new products, services and ideas that aren’t yet mainstream.

The Google Display network allows us to place captivating Display ads in front potential customers as they browse the internet.

Not only are these clicks cheap (either pay per click or per impression, usually no more than $1), but like the Adwords Search Network, the Display Network also allows us to target users based on interests, keywords, website placements and much more.

While your audience won’t be actively searching for your solution like on the Search Network, the Display Network allows you to demonstrate your value to somebody who has displayed interest in what you have to offer.

Not to mention that, by nature, Display Ads are often viewed as a Trust Symbol themselves, and allow a small business to advertise right next to giants like Amazon or Grainger. You Can’t miss a branding opportunity like that!

6. You Can Show Ads When, Where & To Whom You Want With Custom Targeting

At this very moment, it’s safe to assume that there are multiple people (even hundreds or thousands) searching Google for whatever you have to offer.

The fact that the Google Adwords Search Network allows us to target specific keywords, create custom ad text and choose whatever destination URL to send the visitors to is unlike anything else out there.

Keyword specific targeting ensures that we’re only showing up for people who are interested in the business, at the very moment of their interest.

By creating custom Ad Copy we further weed out irrelevant searchers, pre-qualifying who will click the ad so that we only spend money on relevant traffic.

The fact that we get to choose our own landing page means that we can provide the customer the most personalized experience possible, selecting different landing pages based on the searcher’s intent to see the highest conversion rates.

7. With Adwords You Get Instant, Measurable ROI

Unlike SEO and other Inbound strategies that can take weeks or even months and years to fully take effect (sorry Iterate SEO team), you can start getting leads with Adwords the moment you give them your credit card.

Even better, Adwords is data driven which means that you choose how much you want to pay for each click or keyword that you want to target.

My favorite feature of Adwords: it allows you to m

easure the cost and revenue for each keyword, adgroup, ad, and even at the campaign level to get a better understanding of what’s really working.

If this isn’t igniting a light bulb in your head right now, let me explain why this is so important.

Having this ROI data for each keyword or campaign allows us marketers to spend money in the areas that add the most value. Rather than spending advertising budgets based off assumptions, Adwords allows us to spend money based off real data from real people, and that is what digital marketing is all about.


To Bid, Or Not To Bid –  There Is No Question!


Early in this post, I posed the question: Why is Adwords so expensive?

The answer: Because it works so damn well.

Google wouldn’t be able to charge what they do for each keyword if it didn’t.

Here’s another thing; if you feel like you’re spending more than you should be in your Adwords account, perhaps you’re doing something wrong and it’s not Adwords that is the problem.

At that point, there’s no shame in asking for help – in business there’s no room to be leaving meat on the bone.

Need help getting started with Google AdWords? We can help! Leave a comment

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