4 Reasons Why Your Bing Ads Strategy Isn't Working

May 08th 2014

4 Reasons Why Your Bing Ads Strategy Isn't Working

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are lots of good reasons to get on Bing Ads. So it’s not surprising that more and more companies are choosing to advertise with both AdWords and Bing.

Bing makes it easy to port over existing AdWords campaigns. So many advertisers simply take their AdWords campaigns, hit copy-paste, and let it ride.

But they shouldn’t.

1)  Bing dominates with users older than 45. Bing’s dirty secret is that many people don’t know they’re using it – they’re just on Internet Explorer, which aggressively funnels users to an integrated Bing search bar and a Bing-powered default homepage. So Bing tends to be more popular with an older, less tech-savvy crowd that hasn’t switched to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

2)  Bing users are 58% female, while Google users are 55% male. More recently, Bing has distinguished itself from Google with a greater focus on images, partnerships with Facebook & Yelp, and aggressive media campaigns. For whatever reason, Bing is showing strong gains with female users.

3)  Google and Bing users differ in other important ways. In addition to the age gap, Google and Bing users show statistically significant differences in education, values, geographic distribution, and socioeconomic status. That means they’ll respond differently to ads, and they’ll behave differently on-site.

4)  Bing gets a popularity bump in enterprise settings. Bing sees a 2-3% bump in market share during weekday business hours, for essentially the same reason that it’s more popular with older users: Internet Explorer. Despite losing ground to Apple in consumer computing, Windows still has the market on lockdown in business and government. Users in these settings lack the admin privileges to install Chrome or Firefox on their work machines, and end up “choosing” Internet Explorer.

Savvy advertisers are taking advantage of these differences with separate management and a distinct strategy for Bing Ads. To compete, others will have to follow their lead. A one-size-fits-all approach to PPC advertising will not work in the online marketing world of 2014 and beyond. Now is the time to reconsider your Bing approach, and start treating different audiences differently.

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