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Complete Digital Marketing launch and implementation

Executive Summary

Active Recovery TMS was a start-up with 1 location and 4 employees. The company was set to grow and take advantage of new Neurostar technology to treat patients suffering from depression.  The cofounder approached Iterate with the goals of “dominating his space” through digital marketing.  

Iterate’s digital marketing plan was to design, develop and launch the following:

  • Analyze and prioritize over 48,000 keywords and 17 competitor websites
  • Redesign and rebuild the website targeting the highest priority keywords
  • Write over 100 pages ( 100,000+ words ) of medically accurate ‘design-for-search’ copy.
  • Have new lifestyle and employee photography done
  • Implement Goal Tracking in Analytics
  • Launch Paid Search campaigns across Google, Bing, Reddit, Facebook
  • Lead funnel for PHQ9 quiz leads
  • Built custom state-of-art CRM integration which provided an advanced analysis of leads to the sales team.


Iterate took a strategic approach by analyzing and prioritizing tens of thousands of keywords from the TMS industry and related competitor websites.  From this keyword universe, Iterate was able to group them together to allow the client to select strategic keyword targets that had relevant volume to the business.  

These keyword groups were then compared against the competition in order to understand what kind of content was necessary to be written to outrank the other sites. Over 60,000 words were then written in a short few months before and shortly after the new website was designed, developed and launched.  

Paid Search campaigns were created across multiple networks targeting top, middle and bottom of the funnel prospective patients. Individual Landing Pages were created in order to test and optimize conversion rates. 

CRM integration was a key focus, where the Iterate Web Development team designed and built a custom analytic system that tracked user movement on the website, and sent this data on contact form submission to a CRM so that the sales team could customize the sales experience for every inbound-lead.

Call Tracking was created, coded and implemented across all digital properties.

Lead magnets, white papers, and patient quizzes were created in order to build an email list.


The goal of the website was to “dominate the marketplace”, in the words of cofounder, Mike Horey.  Active Recovery TMS wanted to grow into multiple locations and treat thousands of patients in their target markets.  Step number one was to create a digital presence that would allow them to capture the market share necessary to grow as a business.

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