What We're Thankful For – 2016

Nov 23rd 2016

What We're Thankful For – 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The chaos of the holidays is upon us! Here in the US, the Thanksgiving long weekend leads into the holiday shopping season (with all associated mayhem), and this year is looking to be a profitable if busy time for many businesses.

Before the madness begins, our team at Iterate is taking some time to look back over the last year and think about what we as a business are thankful for:

Our Clients

There is a reason this comes first: Our clients are the reason we are all here! You give us a reason to come into work every day, present the challenges that make us grow and learn, and make all the hard work worthwhile. We love our clients, and take our responsibilities to them very seriously. Thank you!


“I’m thankful for all my clients! Through their ups and downs, good months and bad, I’m always pushed to learn more and do better work.”

~ Shaheen Adibi, Senior Inbound Strategist

Our Readers

We’ve been working hard to create some great content and resources this year, with an emphasis on spreading our expertise to companies and people outside our traditional marketing bubble. If you are one of the many people who are following our blog in 2016, Thank you!


“I want to thank the people reading our blog and downloading our resources – Every week we get great feedback that improves the marketing we do for ourselves, and for our clients too!”

~Tyler Blackwell, Internal Marketing Strategist

Our Employees

Our team here at Iterate Marketing is really special – and without them we’d just be an empty building with a lot of laptops and cardboard cutouts of Danny Devito.





Joking aside, we really love our team. They work incredibly hard for our clients, drive new business, and can always be counted to brainstorm a new content strategy, pitch a new ‘burger of the day,’ or just get in on a stress-busting round of Mario Kart. Iterate team, you are the best – thank you so much!


“This year I’m especially thankful for our employees at Iterate. Over the last 12 months, we’ve grown a lot and learned a lot. We couldn’t do it without the hard work of everyone here!”

David Wilkes, Agency Director



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