8 Fantabulous Ways To Reuse & Repurpose Content

Sep 08th 2016

8 Fantabulous Ways To Reuse & Repurpose Content


You have written a post, gotten it to perfection and published it for the world to see. You have promoted that bad boy till the cows came home. That piece is done right? Wrong! You can reuse that piece as well as so many other older posts on your blog into new and re-engaging content for your readers and your multi-purpose tools for your company.



1. Create a Lead Magnet


You can take that sweet piece of content and reuse it as a lead magnet. “A lead magnet? What is that?” you might ask.


“A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer” – Digital Marketer


Ba-Bam! A lead magnet can supercharge your whole email game real quick. Entice your readers to sign up for your newsletter, blog posts or gather their contact information with your great content piece.


Content types that work well for a lead magnet are:

  • Tips
  • Helpful Hints
  • A Learning Guide- “I did this and will teach you how sort of piece”
  • Free Templates, Cheatsheets or Printables
  • Resources That Your Readers Can Use Like A Checklist Or A Toolkit
  • Video Training


The lead magnet just needs to solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific target audience.


You might need to trim and rework the piece to be more condensed so the readers can see the information they need right away. Lead Magnets don’t have to be lengthy or complex – they simply must meet the precise need at the right time.


This type of freebie or giveaway will drive people to sign up, giving you a curated list of a perfect targeted audience for future marketing.


This list will be pure gold that you can follow up with different offerings and products that your company has that they will love and ultimately purchase from you.


If you are just running a blog and don’t have a product, this list is a great way to keep getting traffic to your site and building an audience that really engages, and follows your blog.


2. Create An Ebook

You can also repurpose your awesome content into an ebook.


The post is already great, but really building out the big picture of the topic you were referring to is even greater. Be sure to add additional information and research to really bulk out the topic and make it epic.


Adding more photos and diagrams to fill out your new content’s ebook really helps bring that additional value too.


An ebook is a win-win in many ways because it is versatile – and since it is based on content you have already created, it is relatively easy to create. You can use your ebook as an incentive to grow your subscriber list or you can use it as part of your lead magnet strategy.


Ebooks bring a lot of value to your readers and your target audience. Often this generosity is reciprocated in different ways like subscribing to your newsletter, being added to your email list or even checking out your products and seeing what works for them.


Ebooks can also bring in additional revenue if you are looking to open up a new stream of cash flow and you have a resource worth paying for.


Use your ebook however you see fit—giveaway, reward, offer, or income.


3. Create A Resource Guide

If you have a series of helpful and advice related content, combining them into a resource guide can be great way to repurpose it. Think of it as a FAQ resource – If your content answers a lot of commonly asked questions that your company or industry gets, then creating this resource guide is a no brainer.


This resource guide can be given to your sales team to help with sales and training or can be put on your site for potential customers to use.


Another great benefit for your readers and your audience is that they have all of your curated information in 1 place. They don’t have to go clicking around your site to find it all.


You probably only need to add in a introduction, some transition paragraphs and condense the material down a little bit, but ultimately this is relatively easy to make.


4. Create A Slideshare

If you are looking for an even easier solution to repurpose your content, make it a slideshare. Articles that are work great for this type of digital presentation are tips, advice, statistics and quotes.


Making a slideshare is relatively easy to do too. You just have to chop up your article into designated slides and design it using Power Point (here is an easy tutorial to follow from Hub Spot) or design it using the free online program Canva.


Be sure to only highlight the main points and get rid of an excess verbiage or explanations that was included in your original content piece.


Repurposing your content as a slideshare lets your content be seen in an entirely new way. Readers, new and old will be able to see things they might have missed before because it is laid out in an entirely new way.


Plus making a slideshare allows you to share your content on platforms that you couldn’t before with just writing a post.


5. Create a Podcast/ Audiobook

Another easy way to reuse your existing content is to take a blog post, and turn it into a speech, podcast or video to share on different audio and video channels. You can even take a series of blog posts around the same topic, and easily create 20-30 minutes worth of material.


The great thing about creating a podcast or audiobook is all you have to do is read your material or hire a reader to read it for you and you have your content presented in an entirely new way. Your content can now reach an audience that mainly watches videos or listens to podcasts instead of reads blogs.


6. Create An Infographic

Another way to reuse your existing content is to turn it into a infographic. For those of you who didn’t know, an infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.


An infographic can help you simplify a complicated subject or topic. It can also turn your content is visually captivating experience.


“Did you know that we remember 80% of what we see, yet only 20% of what we read? The power of visual content is hard to ignore.” –Social Media Today

If that is not reason enough to make one, I don’t know what is! Plus there are tons of sites completely dedicated to showing different infographics so you can continue to get your content in front of new people.


7. Take Topic/Ideas From The Post And Dive Even Deeper

Take a look at your posts and see if there are any blog ideas or topics that you can make from it. Often one post can spark an idea for another, then another. High-quality content can spinoff more high-quality content, and the great thing about that is the audience can benefit from both.


One of the easiest ways of doing this is converting a list piece into a series of individual pieces of content. You can also take a group of 5 to 7 related posts and collect them into a single summary post.


If you have a piece with a lot of different tips, (like this one!) think about how you can make each of those tips a piece on their own.


This should start your ideation train chugging along and really start your list of ideas to publish.


8. Repromote it

If all of those ways didn’t spark some ideas for you or you just don’t have to time to repurpose and reuse your content in those ways, you can always repromote it.


The amount of times you can promote a piece of content is up to you. I have heard of writers promoting their pieces at least 9 different times in a month and then at least once a month after that.


Don’t forget to keep building traction on your top pieces of content and continue to share them as you get more and more fans.


There are some pretty creative ways to repromote your content too.


On Facebook

  • Take Out Main Quotes And Share Them
  • Take Out Main Tips And Share Them
  • Share what you love about the piece and share new images each time
  • Create a Gif Or Short image video to share about the highlights of your content


On Pinterest

  • Make your content into it’s own board with the images you use throughout the piece and then grow that board
  • Create a Pinterest Instructograph
    • Instructographics have a very similar look and feel of a infographic but focus more on the how-to aspect.


On Twitter

  • Take the best lines and stats out of your content and tweet them
  • Find new hashtags to reach out to with your content topic


On Instagram

  • Design quotes and stats using Canva to share on instagram


With all of those ideas you can keep your awesome content rolling along for months! Focus on 1 different reusing or repurposing way at a time so you can put 100% effort into it. With all of these different ways, you can be sure to squeeze as much out of your content as possible and get it in front of the biggest audience as well!


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